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I love obscure mysteries, the ones you’ve never heard of, the ones no one pays attention to. The grisly, the evil, the just downright mind-boggling weird. The first one is about a ghost ship, only ghost were not the only thing on board…

The Ourang Medan (roughly translated from Malay “Man from Medan” was a dutch cargo ship that allegedly took off from Indonesia between the months of February and June, either in 1947 or 1948, supposedly bound home to Germany. This is difficult to verify as there isn’t a registry for this ship in either the Indonesian or Dutch registration offices. According to two boats passing through the waters near Indonesia, they both received a distress signal in Morse code. It read “All officers, including captain, are dead, lying in the courtroom and bridge.” This was followed by a length of undecipherable Morse code, ending with the radio operator’s chilling final words, “I die.”

The ship Silver Star attempted to execute a rescue mission and set off to find the ship. When he saw it, he was struck by the fact that there didn’t seem to be any damage to the ship at all. The Silver Star attempted to hail the boat with a series of different communication methods, but never received an answer, they decided to board it to look for survivors. What they found is one of the most puzzling mysteries to have taken place in the Strait of Malaccah. Upon boarding, the found the bodies of all of the crew (including the ship’s dog) dead; eyes open and faces tilted to the sun at it’s position during the time. Though they lay on there backs, their arms were outstretched in front of them toward the ceiling, and each had a look of pure terror on their faces, often looking as though they were screaming. When examined by the crew, they discovered no obvious external injuries to any of the dead, including the dog.

After looking through and attempting to count the bodies, the crew of the Silver Star decided the best course of action would be to tow it back to the nearest port and examine it further, but just as this decision was made, they noticed rolling black smoke escaping the hull. They barely had enough time to get back to their own ship when the Ourang Medan caught fire and exploded, sinking out of sight.

Many people are highly skeptical of this story due to the fact that there are absolutely no records to support that a ship like that ever even existed, let alone went missing. Among believers, on the other hand, theories of how the ship may have met it’s fate is varied. Some assert that the ship was secretly smuggling illegal drugs from and to Indonesia, (including potassium cyanide and nitroglycerin, which both become toxic if mixed with sea water) and highly experimental nerve agents, which would all be extremely toxic to the crew. Even stranger claims are of alien abductions and vengeful ghosts. Whatever the case may be, we’ll probably never know the answer about how these people died and what exactly was is that happened to the Ourang Medan, if it even existed.


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